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Choosing an Outboard Motor

As you begin the process of searching for the perfect outboard motor for your boat, you’ll notice that the options are seemingly endless. You want to be sure you purchase an outboard motor that’s going to provide you with the power and performance you need when you’re on the water. Here at J&J Marine, we’re proud to carry a number of different options. As a matter of fact, we offer some of the best brands in the industry. At our dealership, you’ll find Mercury, Evinrude, and Suzuki outboards, to name a few. If you’d like more information or want to come and check out our outboard motors for yourself, visit us in Annandale MN! We’re conveniently located near South Haven and Kimball.

2-stroke vs. 4-stroke

Before you decide on a brand, you’ll need to decide on a couple of other factors. First, do you want to invest in a 2-stroke or 4-stroke outboard? You’ll find that many people will tell you to go with a 4-stroke right off the bat. In some cases, that is the right option. There are some key differences between the two. Four-stroke outboards burn straight gas via cylinder that circulates lubricating oil through a separate system. During this process, the gasoline is never mixed with the oil unless there’s a breakdown of some kind.

As for the more traditional 2-stroke model, the mix of oil and gas is received by carburetor or injector directly into the cylinder through an intake valve. While this occurs, the exhaust valve is also open and 20 percent of the fuel escapes unburned. Moving on to the 2-stroke direct-fuel-injection engines. In these models, the fuel is sprayed right into the cylinder with precision timing as the piston covers the exhaust valve so that no fuel is lost. The conclusion is that the DFI 2-stroke and 4-stroke outboards both provide fuel economy that has significantly improved since the traditional 2-stroke models.

One Outboard or Multiple Outboards

The next decision you’ll need to make is whether your boat should have one or two motors. In most offshore fishing applications, you’ll see dual motors. Many users choose to go with this setup because they worry about the possibility of losing one while out at sea. In addition, dual motors also make it much easier to dock the boat since the engines have propellers that rotate in opposite directions. Remember that you’ll without a doubt pay more upfront for this setup. When you’re deciding between one or two motors, the main concern is cost. If your budget allows for the dual motor setup then by all means, go crazy. If you prefer simplicity and a more affordable setup, a single motor will do fine as well.

What Size of Outboard

Size matters, we hear it all the time. Although, it’s worth noting there’s been plenty of improvement since the early days when smaller motors almost always guaranteed disappointment. These days, size still matters in some aspects but smaller doesn’t always lead to trouble. It’s still important to remember that you don’t want to under-power your boat. You’ll never be able to enjoy your boat’s full performance potential if you don’t have the proper power in the motor you choose. As a general rule, it’s a smart move to go with the maker’s maximum rating. If you sell your boat later on in life, buyers might shy away from boats with smaller and less powerful motors.

Be sure to visit us at J&J Marine in Annandale, MN to check out our impressive outboard motor inventory. We also offer docks and lifts. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff would be happy to show you around our dealership and introduce you to some of the best outboards in the industry, including Mercury, Yamaha, Evinrude, and Suzuki! We’re conveniently located near Haven and Kimball, MN.

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