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ShoreMaster Docks & Lifts

Get into the Water with Top Efficiency this Season.

From roll-in and floating docks to vertical boat lifts, ShoreMaster equipment is designed to make your on-the-water experience as accessible as ever. ShoreMasters are easy to transport and crafted with premium materials to give you dependable and efficient access to the water whenever you desire.

J & J Marine provides a complete inventory of new and used Docks and Lifts. Not sure which model you need? No problem. Please feel free to call or stop in today and we’ll find you the right dock or lift to get into the water this weekend! We also offer assembly and delivery options for your convenience.

ShoreMaster Equipment and Docks in Annandale, MN


ShoreMaster docks are available in a variety of materials and configurations. Enjoy top stability and versatility, plus features like 5-sided dock legs, QuickConnect�� and welded frames. They’re the perfect customizable solution for your waterfront.


ShoreMaster Lifts in Annandale, MN


Get your boat from land to water easily and safely. ShoreMaster developed the first aluminum, welded-frame boat lift over 40 years ago, providing top protection for your watercraft. Choose from vertical, hydraulic, pontoon, and cantilever lifts!


ShoreMaster Accessories in Annandale, MN


Customize your docking experience with top-notch ShoreMaster accessories! Add convenience and luxury to your boating lifestyle with the right accessories, including new ladders, benches, wheels, steps, canopies, dock bumpers, and more.


Boat Dock Installation in Annandale, MN

Dock Installation & Removal Services

Let us install or remove your dock this season. We'll fit you with a customized dock or lift and install or remove it the minute summer hits, and the minute it ends. Learn about our many configurations, including roll-in, floating, and vertical lifts, and request your installation or removal service today!

Browse our Most Popular ShoreMaster Docks:

Infinity RS4 Standing Dock

Infinity RS4 Standing Dock

The Infinity RS4 is easy to configure and offers true durability. The RS4 dock is perfect for firm to slightly soft lake bottoms, shallow to moderate water depths and locations with limited off-season storage space.

Infinity RS7 Standing or Wheel-in Dock

Infinity RS7 Standing or Wheel-in Dock

The Infinity RS7 provides absolute stability. Your RS7 can be configured to fit nearly any layout you need. Choose the RS7 if you cruise lakes with firm to soft bottoms with shallow to moderate water depths.

Infinity TS9 Standing or Wheel-in Dock

Infinity TS9 Standing or Wheel-in Dock

The Infinity TS9 is a classic truss dock solution for boaters seeking low maintenance and ease-of-use. The TS9 is ideal for firm to soft lake bottoms with shallow to moderate water depths.

Infinity FTS9 Floating Dock

Infinity FTS9 Floating Dock

The Floating FTS9 is ideal for shallow, deep, and fluctuating water conditions. Enjoy premium dock flotation and a strong frame. The FTS9 is an incredibly stable, low maintenance floating dock system.

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