Suzuki Outboard Motors

suzuki Outboard Motors, Annandale, MN

Suzuki Outboard Motors 

Power Your Wildest Water Adventures with the Best. 

Suzuki has several years’ experience designing high-output, lightweight 4-stroke engines. Equipped with advanced features and cutting edge technology, Suzuki Outboard Motors will take you to the edge of your horizon with smooth, unwavering power.

J&J Marine wants you to have the best motor for your money. Browse some of our highest-quality Suzuki Outboards below, or stop in to learn more about our inventory today!

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Suzuki Inline $ Outboard, Annandale, MN

In-line 4 Series

Suzuki In-Line 4-cylinder outboards are the perfect blend of power, performance, and efficiency. This four-stroke engine offers maximum torque, large displacement, and ultra-low emissions

Mid-Range Series

This model is designed with a "high energy rotation" lower unit, enabling it to use a bigger 14" propeller. Power your large, heavy pontoon or craft with this powerhouse model.

Suzuki V6 Series Annandale, MN

V6 Series

Set out of the ultimate fishing trip or simply take the family on a sunset cruise. No matter your trip, a V6 offers award-winning technologies and innovative features.

Portable Series

The most technically advanced portable outboard on the market, a Suzuki Portable model offers the world's first 30hp technology and smooth running accelleration.

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